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Summer is here, and that means car trips to the cottage, camping, staycations, day trips, and more. Gas prices have increased significantly with no end in sight. But don’t feel defeated, there are ways to help save on gas. Here’s our gas saving tips list, in no particular order.

Speed Matters

Keep to 100 km/hr on highways. Driving 100 km vs 120 km consumes 20% less fuel. Cruise control is your best friend on highways.


Find the cheapest gas with apps like GasBuddy. Even Google Maps and Waze will display the price of fuel at gas stations near you.

Reward & Membership Cards

At time of writing, CAA members can save 3 cents per litre when fueling up at Shell. Consider a credit card where you can earn cash back on fuel purchases.


Keep windows closed on highways and open them when driving at lower speeds. Highway driving with the windows and/or sunroof open increases fuel efficiency. 

Limit Use of Air Conditioner

Best to turn on the air when on the highway (more efficient option than having windows open), and turn it off in the city. 

Braking & Acceleration

Don’t brake hard and don’t accelerate fast. To avoid hard braking, keep your distance to the car in front of you. 


Keep the tires properly inflated.


Make sure you follow the recommended service intervals for your car.

Avoid Heavy Loads

Remove heavy items that weigh down your car. This includes bike/ski racks. 

Avoid Idling

This is good for your pocketbook and our planet.

Map Route

Avoid driving during rush hour if possible. Google Maps now has a “fuel-efficient routes” option. Try to combine journeys that are close together to save on having to make extra trips. 


If you’re able, consider carpooling to the office. Organize a carpool with other parents to and from the kids’ extracurricular activities. 

We would love to hear your gas saving tips. Please comment below.