Bookkeeping Services

We offer digital bookkeeping services for small businesses so that you can focus your time on other areas of your company.

Essential Package

Are you a business owner who is simply looking to get caught up and make sure that you are compliant with the tax authorities? Schedule an appointment to see if this package is best for you.

Full Package

The Full Bookkeeping Package is our most popular option because you get complete reassurance that your accounting data is accurate, up-to-date and compliant with the relevant authorities. You also receive training and advice on which systems and processes are best for your business.

Premium Package

This is the best option for busy business owners who not only want the peace of mind of knowing that all their financial history is accurate and up-to-date but also want to get the absolute maximum out of their financial information. As a result, you are able to make the best business decisions based on quality information.

All Bookkeeping Packages Include

  • Subscription to Quickbooks Online
  • Critical checks and balances
  • Real-time accounts putting management data at your fingertips
  •  Monthly Financial Reports

  • Advance preparation
  • Unlimited free ad hoc advice

Are you behind with your financial record-keeping?


Are you tired of doing your books on your own?

It is impossible to say how much work will be required to clean up your financial records. This often involves an investigation and fixing problems with data files in your accounting system.  Because each business is unique, it is impossible to say how long this process will take.

Every business is unique and the diagnosis of data files involves consideration of many variables and possible outcomes. This is even more likely when you have Point of Sale data, connections to eCommerce sites, or shopping carts.

We cannot predict how much work is involved until we have started the work.

Most bookkeepers and accountants charge an hourly rate.

This means you have no idea what the final price is until the work is complete.  It’s like writing a blank cheque.

Although we could bill you based on the number of hours we spend on this project, just like many bookkeepers and accountants do, we are sure that you don’t want any surprise bills.


So, this is what we do with our Bookkeeping clients:

We break this complex work into manageable phases.

For a small, up-front fixed price, we give you our initial expert evaluation, diagnosis and solution.

We will:

▪ Carry out an initial consultation with you, asking a few questions to better understand your accounting system and what has gone wrong.

▪ Begin with preliminary work and analysis to better understand the extent of the problem and what is required to fix the problem.

▪ Prepare a proposal setting out what needs to be done to fix the problem, together with some options and a fixed price for the next phase of the project.

▪ Meet with you to discuss our findings, recommended solution and our proposal.

▪ [Optional] Prepare a detailed diagnostic report setting out every problem we discover, the consequences of those problems and exactly how to fix them (see below).

Working this way means you have less risk.

And as a result, for a small payment you will discover exactly what the problem is and how to fix it without having to undertake any commitment to go any further.  As a result, you can plan and budget for any costs.

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